Thanks to COVID, I temporarily relocated to Japan where I was living in Airbnbs for a few months, until I decided to rent an apartment. Although I still don’t have any appliances here, I setup a proper workplace.

As my desktop is still in storage at HK, I bought a gaming laptop (Lenovo Legion 5 with Ryzen 7 4800H and GTX 1660ti) to replace it while I am here. I have it connected to 2 LG 4k monitors connected at 4k @60Hz and my portables connected at 1080p that I use for my mobile setup. One which acts as my primary charting screen and the other just displays currency strength and world clocks.

I even spent some money on lighting to reduce strain on my eyes working at night. I placed monitor lamps on the 2 LGs that produce enough light to work at night. Although I bought the backlights to reflect additional lighting, in the end they aren’t bright enough and don’t produce light colors and ultimately only used for aesthetics. They do look pretty damn cool though.

I also connected the laptop to Edifier R1700BTs that produce beautiful sound at a very reasonable cost. These are a must to keep me calm while trading and very useful for watching videos & movies while waiting for trade setups to develop.

All in all, I am satisfied with this setup. I have the monitor real estate needed to display all the charts I use with enough room for my trading apps.

As for upgrades, I will replace the mousepad with an XL one to cover the keyboard & mouse. I am also considering a RAM upgrade but it’s a pretty costly upgrade. I’ll try to hold off on this hoping I can get my desktop here in the coming months. My wife is currently in HK and hopefully, she can arrange the shipment.